Air Conditioner Repair Muskegon MI

“It's Hot out and the air hasn't run yet and when I turned it on it won't start”
“I turned it on for the first time and it only hums and doesn't cool”
“ It was running and now the lines are frosted up and there is no air flow”
“This is the first time we needed it in a couple years and it won't run.”
These are a few of the common complaints I hear every season.
Hi, I'm Mark Grant, Mr Heat and Cool, pleased to be at your service. I have had 21.5 years working for another company and now it is my pleasure to service your air conditioning system in your home or business.
The first question I ask anyone is , Did you check your filter on the furnace. Air flow is of utmost importance and lack of it can be very hard on a system. Cleaning the filter or replacing it is the first step toward system maintenance. The outdoor unit is also important to keep clean and clear of debris.
Next check the setting on the thermostat. Cool mode and temp programming if programmable. Some thermostats are still set at factory settings.
The outdoor unit has electrical components and they should be checked to assure they are free of flaws and dirt and rodent issues. Mice and chipmunks and squirrels like to inhabit the control compartments.
The units should have the capacitor checked as well. There is one or two capacitors which are vital to the operation and they should be in good working order. It takes a capacitor checking meter to check one appropriately. Use caution when checking any voltage especially on capacitors.
The charge can only be checked by a licensed contractor with EPA certification for handling freon.
The contractor should also check temperatures to assure proper temp drops for proper dehumidification and charge levels. Superheat and Sub-cooling are vital to the charging method. Any time gauges are put on a system both should be checked and documented. Before trying to repair your own air conditioner know all the facts and avoid doing extreme damage to you or your system.
Air conditioner AC repair Muskegon Michigan