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REME or Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy utilizes an

electro magnetic energy cell to create ionized hydro peroxides

™, a friendly oxidizer plasma made from oxygen and humidity.

This air purifying plasma is propelled into the HVAC

duct or plenum by a silent plasma propulsion module that

has no moving parts, yet propels the plasma at 2 cfm. This

provides for fan or blower-less operation on a 24-hour basis.

The purifying plasma will be propelled through the ducts

whether the fan or blower is on or not. This permits a hardwire

110 volt plug-in installation that lets the REME run 24/7

without wiring to the fan/blower circuit.

The REME+ cell incorporates a device that uses high voltage

to ionize, or electrically charge, molecules of friendly oxidizers.

REME can generate specifically charged ions (all

positive or all negative) in the air, or it can create both polarities

indiscriminately. During operation the REME HVAC Cell

is designated to generate primarily negative ions (particles

that temporarily contain an extra electron, causing the entire

molecule to possess a negative electrical charge) as well as

a mix of positive ions that other particulate matter are attracted

to (similar to static electricity). It cleans the air by

charging airborne oxidized particles. These charged airborne

oxidized particles have an affinity to combine together due to

this charging effect, which in turn creates larger, heavier

combined particles, which are more easily collected and

have been inactivated by the friendly oxidizers on both the

REME charged collector media and to a lesser effect, on

more conventional types of filtration media.

REME Silent Plasma Propulsion Module (SPPM) is an electrohydrodynamic

device that produces thrust in the air using

electrical energy without moving parts. When the emitter is

charged with high voltage, it causes nearby AOP molecules

to become ionized. There are hundreds of thousands of

friendly oxidized molecules per second ejected from the device,

so the force or thrust exerted is comparable to a 2 cfm


The REME+ Grounded Collector is a reusable/washable

low-pressure drop (0.125” WC) intake collector intended to

capture charged airborne particulates. It is constructed as a

laminate consisting of an external support grid, which contains

multi layer polymers and metal alloys. A charge dissipation

layer is integrated into the collector core and it is

mechanically connected to earth ground via a regulation circuit

which continually dissipates the positive electrical

charges accumulated on the collector surface.

The collector acts as a grounded electrostatic panel, using

the accumulated electrostatic charges to attract oppositely

REMETM Technology by RGF Environmental

REME filter media custom cut to required size

REME unit in duct

Air Intake

REME Grounded







Silent Plasma

Propulsion Module

Plasma Discharge


Reflective Electro

Magnetic Energy Cell

charged particles in the airstream. The static electricity is

created by the air as it flows through the filter media core

which is made of precharged electrets (materials carrying a

permanent positive or negative electrical charge). The theory

of operation has to do with the process of triboelectric charging,

resulting in one object gaining electrons on its surface,

and therefore becoming negatively charged, and another object

losing electrons from its surface, and therefore becoming

positively charged.

Air tends to charge positively. As air flows past the collector,

it tends to become more positive, the filter materials more

negative, leading to a regenerative charging effect. This, in

turn, continuously renews the materials static charge allowing

it to attract oppositely charged contaminates within the

airstream. As the filtered or processed air flows past the

grounded core, the excess positive charges are draw out of

the collector due to the natural differential created by the

earth ground connection, thus leaving the airstream with a

neutral charge. By enhancing the charge of the collector,

via extracting the charged ions formed by the moving air

passing through the multilayer core, and then controlling the

discharge rate of these to ground, the collection material carriers

a higher state of charge than would be normally possible,

and results in an increase in their effectiveness of

attracting and holding charged airborne particulates. As the

air flows past the REME generator, we then introduce a large

amount primarily negative charged ions with an associated

lower amount of positively charge ions being formed via the

AOP process, thereby also increasing the net charge of the

particles in the air, causing them to not only increase their

attraction to the REME collector (up to a 93% reduction), but

also increasing their chance of being trapped by more conventional

filters as well (up to 73% reduction).

The RGF Advanced Oxidation Technologies is a group of oxidants

known as Hydroperoxides. Hydroperoxides have

been a common part of our environments for over 3.5 billion

years. Hydroperoxides are created in our atmosphere whenever

three components are present: oxygen molecules,

water vapor and energy (electro magnetic). REME+™ also

has the ability to super charge these hydroperoxides or ionize

them into Ionized-Hydro-Peroxides™.

Ionized-Hydro-Peroxides™ are very effective at destroying

harmful microbials in the air and on surfaces. As oxidants,

they do this by either destroying the microbe through a

process known as cell lysing or by changing its molecular

structure and rendering it harmless (which is the case in

VOC’s and odors). The amount of hydroperoxides required

Aggressive Advanced Ionized Oxidation Plasma destroys

airborne and surface pollutants at the source.

AC Duct

AC air handler




RGF’s Grounded REMETM

Collector or standard filter

(Replaces standard filter)

REME Generator

to accomplish this task in a conditioned space is well below

the level that is constantly in our outside air. The Advanced

Oxidation Technology found in RGF’s Guardian Air product

family has brought the oxidants found in the outside air into

the conditioned space of your home. Hydroperoxides could

be viewed as nature’s air purifiers.

There is no known case of hydroperoxides ever creating a

health risk. Considering we have been exposed to hydroperoxides

in nature since the day man stepped on the planet, it

is a reasonable assumption that hydroperoxides do not constitute

a health risk. Over the past 20 plus years, RGF has

more an one million Advanced Oxidation products successfully

used worldwide without a safety problem.

RGF first developed its Advanced Oxidation Technology over 20 years ago. Over 1 million RGF Cells are in use around the

world. RGF has licensed its technology to many Fortune 500 companies for use in the medical, food, military, residential, commercial,

marine, hospitality and government, etc. RGF cells in various products have been tested and approved by:

In addition, RGF cells have been specified in the Norovirus & MRSA protection plan of America’s largest restaurant chains,

hotel chains, theme parks, cruise lines, public schools and hospitals. The following is a summary of some of the testing and

studies performed by third party independent labs and universities.

•Japanese Government (TV commercials)

•Canadian Government

•U.S. Government – GSA

•European Union


•U.S. Military

•Electric Power Research Institute

•Chinese Government

Sneeze Test - REME

A testing protocol concept was used which included a "Sneeze Simulation

Machine" and "Sneeze" chamber. A sneeze can travel at up to

100 mph, so we had to consider lung capacity, sneeze pressure, and

liquid volume to properly simulate a human sneeze. This was accomplished

and the test proceeded with outstanding results. An average of

99% reduction of microbials was achieved with REME in a double blind

test, at 3 feet from the sneeze source. This is clearly not a medically supervised

test or protocol. However, from a practical point, it was definitely

providing some kill at the source and will provide some level of


99% Reduction REME

Tested by: Kansas State University, inactivation 99%

Norwalk Virus - 99+% Inactivation

MRSA Bacteria - 99+% Inactivation

Streptococcus - 96+% Inactivation

Pseudomonas - 99+% Inactivation

Listeria - 99+% Inactivation

Escherichia Coli - 99+% Inactivation

Bacillius Globigii - 99+% Inactivation

Staphylococcus Aureus - 99+% Inactivation

Streptococcus Pneumoniae - 99+% Inactivation

Bacillius spp. - 99+% Inactivation

Stachybotrys chartarum - 99+% Inactivation

Candida albicans - 99+% Inactivation

Odors Cleaning Chemicals - 55+% Inactivation

Odors Pets - 72+% Inactivation

Odors Perfume - 63+% Inactivation

Odors Toluene - 29+% Inactivation

Odors D-limonene - 98+% Inactivation

Odors Methyl Ethyl Ketone - 13+% Inactivation

Odors Smoke - 70+% Inactivation

Mold - 97+% Inactivation

Yeast - 90+% Inactivation

Hydrogen Sulfide - 80% Inactivation

Methyl Mercaptan - 100% Inactivation

Carbon Disulfide - 30% Inactivation

Butyl Acetate - 100% Inactivation

Methyl Merthacrylate - 100% Inactivation

Formaldehyde - 90+% Inactivation

Food Surface Microbials - 99% Inactivation

Surface Bacteria / Virus - 99+% Inactivation

Particulate Removal - ISO Class 3 in 24 hrs

Validation Summary

Custom Applications &


RGF’s award winning engineering

team custom designs systems

for wastewater recycling,

ozone, pesticides, marine, and

laundry treatment.

Advanced Oxidation

RGF has been a leader in Advanced

Oxidation technology

since 1985. We developed an

advanced catalytic oxidation

system for total organic oxidation.

Our Photohydroionization

process has been approved by

the USDA / FDA / FSIS for food processing.


Our technical staff consists of

the following specialists:

biological, mechanical,

chemical, waste treatment,

construction engineering, nuclear,

fabrication, design, and

environmental law. Our AutoCAD service provides fast,

accurate designs.


Since 1985 RGF has maintained

a steady flow of award

winning innovative pollution solutions.

RGF has been

awarded national recognition

as a recipient of the Inc./MCI

Customer Service Award.

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The “World’s First Environmentally

Friendly Mega Yacht”

serves as a working showroom

for RGF’s Advanced Oxidation


Patented Technology

RGF has been a leader in

patented Environmental


R & D

RGF maintains a Research and

Development staff that is involved

in EPA / USDA / FDA /

EPRI and University Environmental

Studies. Our staff continuously

develops system

improvements and new products. RGF personnel have

been published in over 70 national journals and textbooks.


RGF maintains a state-of-the-art

analytical lab, which will provide

free water testing for as long as

you own your RGF system to assure

continued performance.

This assures our customers that,

should your waste stream change, you will be able to make

the appropriate modifications to meet your needs.


By utilizing the latest state of

the art sanitation technology,

RGF provides a media recognition

event for positive press.

By taking a proactive approach

you may be eligible for insurance rate reductions and you

will be adding value by providing a safer product.


RGF manufactures over 500 environmental products