Man kind has long sought to be comfortable. As long as he has been using fire to stay warm the "Heater" has evolved to be one of the more complex pieces in our home. Since 1958 when My father Howard Grant started working for Ace Heating and Cooling Co under the tutelage of William Secor and Verne Tietsort until today when I find myself Employed as Mr Heat and Cool, there has been a world of change in the furnaces in our homes.

The furnaces installed by Ace Heating and Builders Heating before that, were monstrous contraptions which heated slowly at first and averaged combustion efficiency ranges of 55 to 85 % and Thermal efficiency of 55 to 60%. They heated the chimney well and kept the snow melted from the roof quite well also. Natural Gas and Propane were quite readily available as was fuel oil. Ace Heating and Cooling serviced everything from fuel oil gas and LP gas to coal and some wood burners. Howard Grant learned boiler tending and fuel oil work in the US Navy on a few of the ships he worked on and learned more on the job working with his Uncle Theodore Grant and a long line of various professionals in the trade. He studied while working for Ace Heating and Cooling and worked in the field, made duct work, and taught many others under him throughout the years. While working for Ace Heating and Cooling, Howard learned the ropes and kept up with the changing times and Code changes and was revered as the go to problem solver of Muskegon by many Architects, builders and engineers.

Furnaces have evolved along with the code changes as have the many styles of and methods of installation. From roof top units to space heaters to the standard furnace in the house, they have a efficiency from 70% to 98%. The efficiency of the forced air is now a minimum 80% and goes up from there to 98%.

The large difference between the 80% and 90% plus is the temp of the flue gas. Any furnace higher than 80% tends to condense moisture in the flue gas. Therefore the 80% to 90% jump in efficiency has to occur. There were a few disaster furnaces and I recall the many that Ace Heating and Cooling replaced under a recall program. They were 85 to 87 % efficient. They were designed with condensate drains which were not adequate to handle the acid content of the condensate. They corroded quickly and created a mess in a lot of cases. The engineers learned from this and now there are 80% and 90plus furnaces.

There are also space heaters which range in the 90% range which are like the furnaces, vented with PVC and have a means of handling the moisture in the flue gas.

The size of the furnaces has changed dramatically as well. From the furnaces of the 1920's 30's and 40's that were installed prior to Ace Heating's day and the 1950's which were all quite large in footprint and girth, to the 39 inch tall 17 inch wide 28 inch deep furnaces of today that are available through Mr Heat and Cool.  You can put two or three furnaces in the place of one old one as installed by Ace Heating and Cooling and Howard Grant back in the 50's 60's and even some in the 70's.

Controls for furnaces have evolved and changed as well adding to the complexity many ways in the 70's and 80's and now with the simplification of electronics and the market driving quality, there is a simplistic approach to the complex furnace which has made it easier and given more longevity to the modern furnace of 2010.

That being said, it is critical to maintain the furnace cleanliness in order to maintain efficiency.

Boilers that heat water or steam to heat houses and businesses have also changed in many of the same ways. The overall footprint and efficiency and the operational controls have lead to much smaller equipment. Many designs were established in Europe where the cost of energy is much higher than in the US. There the market is predominantly boilers and therefore efficiency and boilers has been a long time tradition. Modulation of boilers was worked out in Europe and the quality of the product has already surpassed that of the American forced air furnace Installed by Mark R Grant and Howard and the crews from Ace Heating and Cooling prior to June 2010.

I am very encouraged by the quality of furnaces and boilers I, Mark R Gant, have to install as Mr Heat and Cool.

I have 21.5 plus years at Ace Heating and Cooling and now I am excited to have my very own business to provide the quality of Service My father instilled in me in his 46 years at Ace Heating and Cooling Co.

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