Mark Grant was born in Muskegon MI in November 1963 to Howard and Irene Grant who  raised 6 children in Dalton Township and Reeths Puffer School district from 1972 they lived in the same house on the same road wile working the same job and loving life.

Howard worked at Ace Heating and Cooling after leaving the Navy in 1957 with and Honorable Discharge.

He went to work at Ace Heating and Cooling where Verne Tietsort and Bill Secor were the owners of Ace Heating and Cooling then.

Howard took over operations of the Ace Heating and Cooling  Company in 1986 when Bill Secor passed away and had great success in the commercial and residential markets selling boilers, furnaces, space heaters, airconditioners, humidifiers and many other HVAC products. Howard did design build work and specialized in trouble shooting systems that many others failed to repair.


        In 1983 Mark R Grant Graduated from Reeths Puffer High and went on to college at MCC for a brief year and 1/2 and decided to join the Navy.After enlisting Mark Grant worked at Ace Heating and Cooling for 4 months.


        In Jan 1985 Mark Grant went through Boot camp and Corps school in Great Lakes Illinois and then went on to Portsmouth Naval Hospital to 24 more weeks of training as a Psychiatry Technician and worked in Psychiatry for the remaining  time in service fulfilling his 4 year enlistment.

Upon the honorable discharge from the US Navy Mark Grant went back to Ace Heating and Cooling to work with His Brother Matt Grant and Father Howard Grant  in Jan 1989.



      At Ace Heating Mark Grant started as an installer working with Jeff Frame and Mark Goyings to learn  and helped where ever possible. Soon thereafter Mark Grant worked in working with the service men Bob Hoaglund was a great teacher in the field to Mark Grant and Mark Grant was soon out on his own to service the more simple things and worked on and off with Bob and others to learn techniques and trouble shooting.


       Mark Grant attended as many courses as possible to learn all he could. Many were taught at Behler-Young by Marcus" Butch" Metroyer from Lansing. His priceless anecdotes and life experience went a long way toward teaching Mark grant what he needed to know in troubleshooting and sequence of operations of equipment in the whole system.


      Mark Grant never stopped learning and strives daily to this day to learn about HVAC systems, Furnaces , Air conditioners, boilers, humidifiers, rooftop heating and cooling units and Indoor air quality.


       Mark Grant joined  ACCA Michigan Chapter to work on the board of Directors in 2004. In 2008 He became President of the Board of Directors and in 2009 became President of the West Michigan Chapter of ACCA ( Air Conditioning Contractors of America) Looking to strive for the best in the industry and raise quality throughout the industry in Michigan and West Michigan, Mark Grant keeps in touch with the industry leaders and other local contractors like Lascko Plumbing and Mechanical, Bowen Heating and Air Conditioning, Assured Comfort, Shied Plumbing and Heating, Bishop Heating and Air Conditioning, Carmichael Heating and Air Conditioning, Northside Heating and Cooling and R&K Heating and Air Conditioning. These are the better quality companies in the Muskegon area.


     Mark Grant works on Ethical and quality workmanship and treats every job as if He is doing it for his mother.