How to Perform a Home Heating Inspection


I don't expect the home owner to know this so these quidelines are to help the homeowner to know what he should expect when a contractor comes out.


The contractor should:

1) Ask the home owner, if available, if there has been any problems or noticed changes in the operation?

2) Look at the thermostat, location and settings and get a quick reading off the surrounding surfaces to get an idea of acccuracy.

3)write down model and serial number of furnace/ heater.

4)Inspect cleanliness of burners and blower and flue.

5)Start up furnace to get preliminary pre cleaning CO anc CO2 readings and temperature rise and efficiency combustion checks.

6) Clean burners, orifices, blowers and oil where indicated if required clean any flame sensors or drains.( replace filter if needed)

7) Perform a test out combustion and temp rise check. Make note of any efficiency or deficiency & reccomend changes as necessary.

As part of a home ispection I go the extra mile and  check and note the exhaust system conditions, dryer condition, flue and gas pipe condition and any abnormal sizing of furnaces, gas piping etc....