Repairing a  Leaking Copper Pipe  Mr Heat and Cool version

Once you have cut out the leaking joint and replaced the bad joints with new parts this is how you make the solder of the joint.

In an effort to make the process a little more clear I am going to go into some more detail of specifics that are important to make it an easier task to perform.

It is critical to assure the pipes are clean and dry inside and out.

Apply the flux in a sparing film. Do not apply like butter to toast, rather apply like my frugel grand mother with jelly, and just enough to know there is some there and not "gobbed" on.

Make sure you have a good clean torch and it has a well defined flame that allows you to target the pipe properly.

Heat in the 1,2,3, method. Pipe, joint,then the fitting:

Start heating the pipe moving the torch around the pipe in a smooth action around the pipe and then move to the joint and apply the solder and as it starts to melt and draw in move the torch to the fitting and allow it to draw in all around the fitting. Soldering a joint is an art. The object is to allow the evenly applied heat to evenly draw the solder into the joint. You should not use any more solder than the circumfrence of the pipe. If it is 1.5 inches around the pipe you should not use any more than that. Any more is waste. Generally, it should take a little less solder.

Wiping the joint with a cotton rag to clean it off is a good practice. This is why most novice should wear gloves to avoid burns. Using a damp rag after it has cooled will clean the joint and pipe of flux and avoid corrosion.

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