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Mark Grant's Mr Heat and Cool specializes in Mobile home and Modular Home air conditioner fixes, repairs and diagnostics.

I had a young lady call this last Saturday who googled | airconditioner fixer| and was lucky enough to get Mr Heat and Cool, Mark Grant of Muskegon. I went out to find she had a dirty filter and a kinked drain line and an iced coil. Iced coils are caused by dirty filter, low freon and low air flow. With a plugged drain she was also not getting rid of the humidity. It was simply an installation error. The installer did not put a proper elbow on the drain and it was kinked off.  There were other things as well. The installer had wrecked the plenum while installing the refrigerant lines and this is causing air to flow into the bottom of the Modular home and not down the ducts. It will require some exploratory work and duct repair which is very difficult due to the accessability of the duct from under the home and the size of the hole. Once it is fixed the unit will remove more humidity and make it more comfortable and save the home owners money in operating cost.

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