North Muskegon Water Heater Repair



There are many kinds of water heaters to discuss in this article, so I'll start with the basic standing pilot gas water heater.

First is the pilot lit?

Yes then turn the knob on the front clock wise and listen for it to light. If yes there are two questions to answer. Does the water start getting hot and run out quickly within 3 to 5 minutes it starts cooling off?

If yes then you may have a broken or corroded dip tube. It is a pipe in the inlet of the water heater plumbing. Replace the water heater or find a dip tube. Chances are if the tube is bad the water heater tank is not far behind. Is the water really hot and are you running out after extended use. If so It is too small for the household. Consider an on demand or larger tank style with faster recovery.

If the pilot is not Lit;


Turn off gas and wait for ten minutes.

If you smell gas call Mr Heat and Cool. If you smell a lot of gas don't touch anything get out of the house and call 911.

No smell and no pilot and gas has been off for 10 minutes, Remove the cover and the second door to the pilot and burner. ( If you have a red pezio snap liter like a grill liter you can try that one first without removing the doors.) Get your long grill liter out and put the knob on top of the gas valve in the off position. Turn on the gas shut off. Turn the knob to the pilot position and push down and hold it with one hand and reach in to the pilot with the lighter lit and lite the pilot. It should lite and cover the first ¼ inch of the thermocouple with flame. Hold it down while lit for count of 30. Let the knob up. If it stays lit you can re-install the cover and turn the knob to on. If it goes out You will need to call Mr Heat and Cool 231-955-8780 for further instructions on how to safely remove the burner assembly and clean the pilot or to have me come out and clean it for you.

For those with electronic ignition. There are safety devices that prevent unsafe conditions which need to be checked prior to repairing or replacing parts. A simple ignitor can be purchased for those with hot surface ignitors.

It is important to be able to recognize pressure related issues when it comes to gas burners. Frequently, pilot outages are a direct result of low gas pressure or poor combustion air conditions. A trained professional will quickly be able to assess these conditions and find the cause. A not so professional may replace a thermocouple with out looking at venting or gas pressures and this can lead to unsafe conditions which could harm you or your family.

Call MR. Heat and Cool for further questions.

Mark R Grant