Saving Energy with Water Heaters Muskegon MI - Muskegon

On demand water heaters are a good savings due to the efficiency being around 92% or higher. I suggest you get the 90+ efficiency unit however, over the 80. Yo will know this by the PVC venting of the 90 over the metal stainless of the 80+.

The cost of an 80+ is hardly worth the energy savings. The return on investment is a much longer period. (opinion)

Insulation of a tank style water heater will help save as will  dialing it down to a lower setting.   The power vented tank style water heater with PVC venting that goes out the side wall is not a high efficiency water heater. It is mainly a convience thing. It is easier to vent out the side wall and labor saving. It cost more electricity and takes air out of the house that is already warm which means it is adding to infiltration (the amount of air changes in a home) which leads to added heat loss.