Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning service can seem quite easy and simple.

Time and time again I have had friends and customers ask can you come and charge my air conditioner.

I have to snicker and say I would be happy to check it out.

I'm not making this statement to be flip or condensending or to be little any one by any means.

It is important to educate the non Air conditioning contractor type and many times the contractor too.

Freon is in a closed vapor tight system which moves freon about a circuit under high and low pressure. The compressor in the system creates hi pressure and causes circulation of freon. Freon is a great heat transfer medium and picks up heat and transfers it to the indoor coil or outdoor coil. A leaking system is not the norm and requires repair. Contrary to popular belief the freon should not need to be "charged" frequently. The Law requires any leak be repaired on a system rather than just filling it up. It is the resposibility of the contractor to let the home owner or Airconditioner owner know when there is a leak.

The typical tune up should include but not be limitted to:

1) Filter check and change if necessary.

2) Outdoor and indoor coil cleaning if necessary.

3) Temperature check across both the indoor and outdoor coil. 16 to 24 degrees indoor and 10 to 20 outdoor temp difference in and out.

4) Amp draw of compressor and blower motors indoor and out.

5) Capacitor check on all, blower and fan and compressor.

6) Supreme check would entail checking the charge along with superheat and subcooling temps. Not totally necessary with a complete annual history. If the perameters are available year to year, and the amps and temp drops across the coils are the same, superheat and subcool are not necessary. If the history is not available it should be done and records kept.

In the State of Michigan Code requires a person doing service on air conditioning or refrigeration be licensed to do so. It is the wise customer which requires a contractor to submit proof of the proper catagory. This is a limitted or unlimitted Refrigeration / AC license.  Heating or HVAC equipment or duct work or process piping are NOT apropriate catagories and if the contractor does not have these He has not proven to the State of Michigan he or she is properly trained or experienced in the field. This could lead to issues of an insurance company rejecting claims on a non-licensed system whic has caused damage.

Pull a permit and have the correct license to do the work you are needing.

 For the right service call ;

Mark R Grant


Mr Heat and Cool